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Play with your webcam

Webcam Soccer Game

It’s a soccer game. But you must have a webcam to play this game. Bounce the ball with your head ! 😀

  1. When you press the bottom bouton of test « start «  button, your browser will prompt you a message for permission to turn ON your webcam to display video on our website test cam.
  2. After granting access from your browser prompts, your webcam will turn on here and you will see the webcam video, and all about your webcam information.

this link if game not work with your webcam



If your webcam does not work under Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 or any other system, the required drivers may be missing after some update.

Antivirus software may also block your webcam or privacy settings of some apps may not allow access to your cam.

Step how to « test your webcam » on test cam : start the webcam test