WebCam Selection Guide

What are the most important things you should pay attention to when considering buying a webcam? What are the main features of the choice? Find out what specifications to check when purchasing

 difficult, but you will need to inquire about some details when you go to the store to buy a web cam, in order to make a wise and smart purchase. .

If you own a laptop (laptop) or even a tablet computer , and you do not need a very high resolution of the camera, this article may not seem suitable for you, because laptops and tablets contain built-in cameras, but you may look at them from a perspective. science thing, but if you have a computer or Kmpiotra desktop or personally, and is seeking to acquire web cam help you do video calls, or take some pictures, this article was brought to you by testcam will teach you the most important thing you need to pay attention to him to do the process of buying a wise and intelligent For the web camera.

The most important thing that you should pay attention to when considering acquiring a new webcam; It is the quality of the image, the resolution of the video, or the number of frames you capture per second, not to mention its design and whether or not it has a built-in microphone, and other things.

Thanks to the Internet and the communications revolution, the world has become a small village, as they say, and it is true, because communication between people has become easier and smoother, regardless of their geographical locations, and it does not cost much money. The webcam is one of the pillars of that communication, as it enables you to send and receive live video clips via various chat programs

The acquisition of web cameras is not limited to individuals, but rather extends and includes companies, which hold meetings in different regions of the world through chat programs, as for the differentiation in the prices of web cameras due to the specifications in the first place, the degree of camera resolution, the number of frames the camera captures per second, The autofocus feature, the viewfinder, the presence of a built-in microphone; (It should be noted that most modern web cameras have a built-in microphone), the ability of the camera to record, its external design and shape.

Image quality (Resolution)

The quality of the image or video is one of the most important specifications that you should pay attention to when thinking about acquiring a webcam, as it is the guarantor of sending and receiving clear images. Noting that web cameras fall into two main categories in terms of image quality or resolution:

  • Standard Definition camera; Usually the resolution of these cameras is modest, and in most standard cameras the resolution is 480 pixels for vertical scan lines, or 480 x 640 pixels for the overall resolution.
  • High Definition Camera; As for the resolution of high-quality cameras, they are available in the market in two models, the first has a resolution of 720 pixels (or 720 × 1280 pixels for total resolution), and the second has a resolution of 1080 pixels (1080 × 1920 pixels for total resolution), which are cameras called full HD, for the lines Longitudinal scanning, noting that the resolution of the cameras and videos increases with the increase in the number for resolution, meaning that the cameras that have high resolution numbers give pictures and videos of higher quality and greater resolution.

In fact, the most important thing to pay attention to is the number for the resolution, noting that it is often written on the camera box, so be sure to check it, and then buy what meets your needs.

We must point out here that the images or video will not appear on the screen in high definition quality if the screen of the person to whom you send the video (the future) is not of this type, but this does not affect the quality of the video that you watch on your screen, but if you want Buying a camera for video chatting, make sure to get a camera with a resolution higher than 720 x 1280 pixels for the total resolution.

The number of frames the camera captures per second (Frame rate)

The second most important specification that you should pay attention to is the number of pictures that the camera takes per second in quick succession to send them as a video, a good camera has a rate of 30 frames per second, noting that the acquisition of cameras that have a rate lower than that will definitely lead to sending videos that are not It is clear and has many breakages and discontinuities within the successive images.

Here we point out that web cameras are available in the market with many options regarding the number of frames the camera captures per second, and the higher this rate the better the camera, so be sure to examine this feature within the cameras that you want to acquire, and make sure that it does not have an average for the images captured in The second is less than 30 frames (frames) per second.

camera lens

 the web camera is no exception, so the better the lens, the better the photos and videos sent.

Web camera lenses fall into two categories in terms of material manufacturing, glass lenses and plastic lenses, noting that glass lenses give a higher quality than plastic lenses, noting that low-quality web cameras are those that have plastic lenses.

The function of the viewfinder in general captures light and its reflections from objects, and converts it into images, and thus good lenses are the ones that receive more light, in order to send brighter and more colorful pictures and videos, and Carl Zeiss lenses may be one of the best lenses for web cameras.

Be sure to have a webcam with a glass lens, from a well-known brand.

Built-in microphone

 talking through a separate microphone, especially when doing long video conversations, the camera has a built-in microphone that gives you more freedom, and saves you the trouble of darkening in front of the screen.

Most modern web cameras have a built-in microphone, noting that the built-in microphone within the camera is not powerful enough to record audio in a professional manner, but it is very suitable for video chatting.

Structure and design

Regardless of the color and size of the web camera, web cameras fall into two main categories by design; Web cameras with plinth, which are placed on any straight horizontal surface, and web cameras that have tongs to attach above the screen.

Here you have to buy what fits your screen design, if your screen is flat and thin, then web cameras with clips have been designed for you, which are similar to laptop or laptop screens.

We must point out that web cameras with a base need space (despite their smallness) to be placed within, and are easier to point and change in height than cameras with clips.


There are many brands or companies that manufacture web cameras, and this is the last thing you should pay attention to when thinking about acquiring a new webcam, because the aforementioned specifications are much more important than the brand itself, noting that the most famous makers of web cameras are: Logitech Microsoft, HP, Creative, Gear Head, Sony, Apple, and Toshiba.
On the other hand, famous international brands are those brands that manufacture cameras with high specifications and accuracy, so buying a web cam from a specific brand does not necessarily make the camera of high quality.


WebCam Selection Guide

What are the most important things you should pay attention to when considering buying a webcam? 

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