Logitech Silent Wireless Combo MK295 Review 2021

the MK295 and see if it lives up to the silent  part which is what i’m interested in now

the keyboard that i’m using just now is exact or should be exactly the same size we’ll see when we open the box and that is the mk270 so you can see there now this is one of logitech’s i think it’s logitech’s second or third smallest keyboard now i also use as well a logitech camera so if you’re hearing me and seeing me that is all through a logitech camera which is

the c920 and  the mouse that i use is the m560  now i like this mouse a lot even though

it’s white i did have to give it a clean before starting  to write article  i like the way that it fits my hand it fits perfectly i have quite big hands um and the mouse within this combination

that i got um i’m not going to use probably i’ll stick with the mouse that i know

and that i like okay until that gets broken now the reason that i this is like i said this keyboard here um the reason i got it was i was just going to order the exact same keyboard because i usually order one about every six months to a year because i’m quite heavy-handed and i do a lot of blogging i do a lot of writing

i do a lot of zoom q and a’s coaching calls and there’s nothing worse than speaking to somebody and trying to type something in the chat on zoom and you hear this

that’s just the way that i type you know so i wanted when i when i went searching for this exact same keyboard



this one here i saw something that said silent and it was the exact same you know shape or it should be the exact same shape we’ll open it together and see so i thought okay i’ll give that a try rather than reordering the exact same one for the fourth time or third time fourth time whatever um so okay let’s open this baby and see if it if it lives up to the silent part

actually before i go on this keyboard has a 36 month battery life it has an 18 month battery life on the the mouse you know the small the small mouse um and some other features that it has is the silent touch which is basically what i’m looking for which says same feel okay say

less noise innovative silent touch technology for same typing and clicking feel with 90 percent less noise that’s a big claim to have 90 percent less noise okay we’ll see

full size comfort so keyboard with full number pad and shortcut keys teams with a contoured

comfort mouse all right lag free wireless plug and play wireless receiver for a

strong connection up to 10 meters away now that’s quite that’s quite a ways 10 meters okay um now the reason as well


just to go on the reason that i got a small  keyboard and you can see in my hands here is very small you know the reason i got it was that about nine ten years ago when i decided to go

full time online i would actually sit on my couch like this and have it on my on my lap and type and work like that so i wanted quite a small keyboard also i’m not a gamer so i don’t need some huge keyboard taking up the the precious space i have in my office and my desk

um i just want something simple that i can type on and preferably now something that’s

going to be quieter okay um so  built to last yep all right let’s find out if it is actually silent

okay so i’m just going to open it and we’ll see how it okay that’s the mouse

actually we’ll just go with the mouse first and see now normally with a mouse when you get it from the back they you they usually put the receiver so the the usb receiver that links to your wireless mouse and keyboard inside the mouse now many times i’ve tried to figure out

where is that oh they forgot to send me the receiver and it’s usually inside of the mouse

okay so i’m going to pull this out which means that the batteries are now you know they’re now running this was stopping the batteries from running so if i pull it out you can see inside

the battery is there but what’s not there is there is no usb receiver okay which is interesting which means i’m gonna have to find it somewhere somewhere else so i don’t know where ah

okay it’s right here look there i’ve never seen that before with logitech strange

okay so that is the receiver and this is a logitech dual receiver so when i plug this in it

will activate both the keyboard and the mouse and like i said i’m probably not going

to use the mouse because i like my  m560good for my hand easy to use comfortable

right so let’s get to the actual keyboard okay there’s some instructions in there

i think yep there you go look at that like a newborn baby  now it has the the little clips

that you can see here so for me i always use these this feels exactly like this one here

i can hold them up maybe you can see what i mean they’re basically the same

just different colors and this white one or off white as it’s called is supposed to

be a lot quieter so let’s find out with my heavy hands if this is quieter

well it is a lot quieter and it’s also very comfortable i like this actually

okay this is great excellent okay so the logitech silent touch mk295 i recommend there you go

it’s the same size as the m270 it feels slightly lighter and the keys are a lot quieter they

don’t have that clanging sound i’m typing hard here is harder than i was on the original one

i like it actually it’s nice and the mouse of course in case you are buying the combo and you want to know what the mouse is like  not much let’s compare it to this so yeah quite a nice little mouse actually a little bit small for my hand but good in an emergency

and the keyboard besides the fact that i got the off-white to match my now now kind of dirty mouse um yeah i like this i like this i can get used to this very easy and when i’m on a on a call a zoom call zoom callers where you’re speaking to people and you have a chat as well

i can type a bit more quietly and not have people you know still be able to hear people as well

okay so not my usual type of review


Logitech Silent Wireless Combo MK295 Review 2021

Logitech Silent Wireless Combo MK295 Review 2021

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