Logitech ERGO K860 – Keyboard Review


the keyboard called the K 860 and they actually gave me some exclusive early access to it I’ve got it right now it isn’t anymore so I want to go ahead and talk about my experience with an ergonomic keyboard I haven’t used one of these


since I was a little kid you’ll see it is a split keyboard it has some curves to it and it goes well in conjunction with Logitech’s MX vertical mouse which has been out for a little bit of time however I have been using it in conjunction so I kind of want to talk about the ergonomic setup in general what use cases it has and the features of this keyboard in general let’s go ahead and get started


and here’s a close look at the keyboard  want to show off it does have a number pad which is nice and show off the angles and the curvature of the keyboard now it did take a little bit of time it took me about a week to really get comfortable using a get used to it one nice thing about it that they

implemented is a little extra space on some of the keys to making kind of get used to it and easier in case you accidentally miss it so T with a lot 7-6 G and H there’s a lot of different keys with some extra space so you don’t end up missing these keys the wrist rest is firm it has a little bit of give and I

actually think it’s really comfortable especially because you can put the key word at an angle that is most comfortable on your wrist and you’re not just pressing down on the wrist rest it’s actually evenly distributing where your weight is going so it doesn’t need to be crazy cushiony so I actually really like it

moving on to battery life on this  keyboard and something interesting is that it isn’t rechargeable actually when  you take a look at the keyboard there are no ports surrounding it at all which

means you can’t have a wired connection with this keyboard which in my opinion

is completely fine I actually prefer wireless keyboards anyways it does take two triple AAA batteries which you might think I don’t have to swap out batteries don’t want to have to have any on hand

but Logitech says that battery life will be about two years so around that two-year mark you’re gonna have to go find yourself two more triple-a batteries and that seems like a crazy amount of battery life so there is a downside to that how do you get two years a better life out of just two

triple A batteries there is no backlighting to this keyboard so I think it’s kind of up to you to determine

whether you need that back laying or not of course with a keyboard with backlighting it drains way more battery



than one that does not have it so if you are going to be in a well-lit room most of the time you might not need backlighting in your keyboard at all so I would just go ahead and take a look at your use case out of this keyboard to see if you need backlighting around if you don’t this keyboard might be on your

radar I’ve also been using sit-stand s for multiple years now and your wrist angle does change based on whether you’re using a keyboard while standing or if you are sitting a little higher up when you’re sitting a little lower down when you’re standing so you’re going to need different angles of the keyboard


all clips down towards the bottom of the keyboard that pop out at two different angles I actually put it all the way up at the highest angle when I am using it standing just so it is a more natural straight look at my wrist and my forearm as opposed to it kind of being angled because of the little bit of an awkward angle while standing using a keyboard now I’ve been using flexi spots sit-stand desks for multiple years now I actually have two of them in my apartment so I can highly recommend

flexi spot they do have programmable Heights for it up and down they also are running a couple working from home promotions I will link to everything down below in the description including

some coupon codes as well and as I always like to do is a quick typing sound test the keyboard comes with the USB dongle however it has integrated Bluetooth so you can connect it to multiple devices you can have up to

three devices at once so maybe you want  to connect to your phone a laptop and a desktop all at once you’re good to go really easy to use it doesn’t have a crazy amount of travel to the keys however this is the keyboard that I will continue to use even while video editing I definitely like the ergonomic shape

and you can tell over extended periods of time of typing and video editing you just feel a little bit more relaxed on your wrist and just your arms in general and here’s a closer look at the MX vertical from Logitech looks like a normal Mous e from this angle but the bottom is right here so it sits at a 57

degree angle which is similar to if I reached out for a handshake and then just go ahead and put your hand on the mouse so a more natural position instead of having to flip your hand over flat it’s more natural like when your hand sits at your side as well just go ahead and fit the mouse right into your hand Logitech says this will reduce muscular strain by about 10 percent and taking a look at it I’ve been really happy with this Mouse overall it has never

disconnected on me it does have a USB C port for extra charging in terms of battery life about four months on a full charge when it comes to the buttons it has two side buttons easy to reach with

your thumb an extra button up here maybe you want to switch your DPI as well these are all programmable within Logitech software kind of nice and then up at the top fairly simple right mouse click left mouse click and a scroll wheel on the outside



if you do have any sort of muscular strain or you are worried about it or want just more an ergonomic of a set up this is also a great mouse option it didn’t take long to get used to the position of the mouse but one thing I have not been able to get over with this mouse is when I switch from using the mouse to typing really quickly a lot of times it doesn’t become an issue but every once in a while my pinky will

catch on the top part of the mouse and make the mouse go flying so that is just something that over maybe a month I have not gotten used to and I still continue to do it and overall that’s everything I

want to talk about with the Logitech org ok 860 keyboard and my organ a’m exceptin general with the sit-stand desk from flexi spot and the MX vertical mouse definitely sticking with this keyboard

nice coupling it with the sit-stand desk drop a comment let me know you think and as always guys.


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