Logitech C920 vs C270 Webcam Review & Comparison

welcome in Logitech Revue article in this article we’ll be doing a comparison between the c920 and the c 270.


I’ve been using both of these cameras at different times for a couple years now in my work and I’ve actually had some questions about the comparison between these, so I figured I’d write article,

 In this article I’ll start out by doing a comparison between the look and the build quality of these.

they’re mounting brackets and how they can be mounted then their compatibility with different OSS and devices and then we’ll finish up  with a  conclude with some clues with pictures comparison and then an audio comparison so you can see the difference between not only the high resolution in the video but also the microphones in these devices .

so, let’s start out with the prices of each of these:

  • the C920 can be found on Amazon or Best Buy for about 60 to 70 dollars and you can actually get it for a little bit less than that if you buy a refurbished version now
  • the C270 is about twenty thirty maybe a little bit more than that you can also find refurbished versions of that.


them alright so let’s get into the mounting brackets on these both of these have mounting brackets that can go down flat


  • so they can be stored or easily or you can set them on a table but when it  comes to hooking them to a monitor they fold down as you can see now the  mounting bracket on the c920 does have some nice rubber in it and this can fit a monitor that is about two inches thick so that’s just something to note depending on the size of .
  • whatever you’re mounting it to where the C 270 does not have as much rubber does have on the lip up here and then down here and this can fit about an inch and a half so just a little bit smaller
  • now if you’re going to be doing it to a monitor it can get down pretty small and I have used the C270 on a Chromebook or a laptop with no issue but there is a big advantage on the c920 it has a flap that goes out so  you can apply some pressure to a monitor or even a small Chromebook   down but you cannot turn it left and right that’s just the limitation with  both of these cameras

now looking at the front of these definitely


  • The c920 looks a lot better looks more professional and you do have a very nice piece of glass that sits over the lens there’s no protection for the actual lens and if you were to scratch this glass that’s going to show up in the video
  • The C270 has no glass lens on the outside to protect it but the lens is actually set within the device like a quarter of an inch so you can touch it right here you could put it in a backpack and you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched as much so that’s just something to note if you’re gonna be traveling a lot with it .



  • the c920 also has a little bit more weight to it it does feel to be a little bit beefier and better built where
  • the C270 feels a little bit cheaper it also has this plastic that can come off of it and come loose so it may be NOT as durable in some settings



now let’s talk about compatibility with these devices both have the same compatibility they will work with just about every modern  Windows version they will work with all Macs and they will also work with Chromebooks so Chrome OS is not going to be an issue with these if you have a school     Chromebook or a work provided Chromebook you’ll be able to use either of these cameras with a Chromebook I’ve also  tested both of them with an Xbox one and they both worked so no issues there

if you’re gonna be trying to do some live streaming with that





now before we get into the actual video test and the microphone test let’s go over the stats there:


  • the c920 on the over here can output up to 1080p full HD video so if you’re gonna be doing live streaming or videos with this, I would recommend this camera over the season C270 just because you’re gonna get that more professional look out of it where
  • the C270 only offers up to 720p video quality know it so it’s gonna be half the resolution but if you’re using a camera for work that should suffice


now when it comes to taking pictures with these devices

  • the c920 can do up to 15 megapixels where
  • the C 720 on the right side can only do 3 megapixels so a big difference


there with the resolution if you’re gonna be taking pictures with these devices I would definitely say it’s

worth it to spend the money on the c920



now with the audio quality out of the microphones on these devices


  • the c920 has two microphones as you can see these are where the microphones are gonna be and it actually has stereo output so it’ll have stereo audio left and right tracks where
  • the C 270 only has one microphone in the middle so you’re not gonna have that stereo although
  • in the testing I’m about to show you I do think the C 270 has better sound quality from the microphone so definitely check that out alright


now that we talked about the build and the design of these two webcams as well as their compatibility and features let’s go ahead




and do a quick video comparison and then audio Comparison between the microphones so that you can clearly make a decision:

when you’re trying to purchase either of these alright so as you can see our eye video from both of the cameras side-by-side

on the left side we have two Logitech c920 and then on the right-side we have the Logitech C 270 so both of these are outputting at the highest resolution they have available so right off the bat as you can see with the c920


do get a wider field of view this is gonna pick up a larger room whereas it’s a little bit zoomed in on



  • the C270 so that might be better if you’re just doing videos like this where your kind

of close up to the camera and you’re not gonna be moving around a lot another difference that I think is very important to point out is

  • the c920 has auto focus where that’s lacking on the C270 so if I put my hand up here you can

kind of see how the c920 will fix that and it’ll just so that it can pick up full InFocus whatever is in front of it and moving so pretty cool there that’s very responsive it fixed in about a couple seconds so for some reason you move farther away from the camera or closer to the camera it’s going to adjust that so that you can get a clear shot additional


y I think it’s important to point out the color differences here the saturation in the c920 is much better the color of my shirt the red comes to much clearer and looks better than the C 270 .





up to you for preference something to note before you get it alright so that was a quick video and audio comparison


between the Logitech c920 on side here and the C 270 hopefully that gave you a good idea of


what to expect you’re gonna be purchasing one of these for the video and the audio quality I do think that overall the c920 does win if you’re trying to get good video quality but if or school or something to talk with family, I would definitely recommend the C 270 for the lower cost review


give it a thumbs up and please consider

thank you so much for learning.


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