Review of logitech c 270 webcam

In this post we will talk about reviewing the logitech c 270 webcam.

if you are interested in this camera, as far as what you get in the box you just get the webcam as well as a couple pieces of documentation now for specs this things shoots 720p video it can shoot 3 megapixel.

Stills it has a noise cancelling microphone which is what you’re hearing right now and on the Mac, only able to get up to 25 frames per seconds but from what will researched you can get up to 30 FPS on a Windows machine wondering.


Why there are black bars along the side of the video and that is because on the Mac actually shooting the cameras entire frame which is 1280 wide by 960 actually getting an extra 240 pixels of height which you can then adjust and post and frame it to so as you can see over in some project properties the resolution is 1280 by 720 we won’t lose any resolution if we stay in actual 720p which is what we’re set at so what we’ll go ahead and do is go ahead and adjust the scale so that it is as wide as the frame so we’re 134 percent we can adjust it up and down to get the framing that we want that looks good that means it’s a little bit tighter than prefer but what are you going to do this is a really tight lens on the camera

How you would fix that on a Mac you would fix it in post as far as the build quality it is your standard webcam build all plastic and it looks almost identical to the logitech c310 the camera hump on the front so one way I think cold actually improve this webcam is by using it with an external microphone like.

About the visuals didn’t change at all but the fact that the audio quality has bumped up makes it seem like it’s a higher quality webcam and that your video is that much better.

I think another good use case for this camera would be if you’re going to be doing tutorials or gameplays and put it in one of the corners I
think it’s perfectly sufficient for that so personally I wouldn’t recommend this camera unless you’re going to be using it for your Skype calls or if you’re just going to have a share down video in the bottom of your screen but if you are set on a webcam.

Not recommend something like the c920 it has a much wider field of view it shoots 1080p the microphone still sucks but you can supplement that with an external microphone it has a tripod mount on the bottom it’s just a much more versatile webcam for your youtubing needs it’s actually the camera.


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Review of logitech c 270 webcam

In this article we will talk about reviewing the logitech c 270 webcam. if you are interested in

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