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Protect my webcam

How to protect my webcam from piracy

Gone are the days when technology users thought it was impossible to hack webcam. As it is no longer a path of imagination, it has become part of the reality in which we live. Anyone can hack your webcam by using some easy software and some social engineering tactics. And if he succeeded in penetrating your device in one way or another, then surely it could penetrate your webcam with ease.

The question now is why do hackers infiltrate users’ webcams ? What is the benefit to them as a result ?
In fact there are many reasons why hackers hack your webcam, and this can be summarized in:

– It may be due to peeping or taking explicit photos, and then blackmailing the user or the user.

– Use these images and videos at porn sites. These porn videos and images are sold for money.

– It may be used to spy on friends or husbands.

– To monitor the house, and know your exit times, so that robbers can break into and steal the house.After reading the previous lines, you may now be concerned about your use of the webcam. In fact, you can easily protect your webcam. Below, you’ll find some basic steps to protect your webcam, and to prevent anyone from hacking it.

The most basic steps to protect your webcam from penetration

First of all, strictly follow the steps below to protect your webcam from being hacked, be sure to use good software, and keep your hardware components safe and comfortable, when you use it.

1- Activate the firewall

Firewalls or firewalls are used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet. The firewall activation step is a basic and necessary step, as it prevents third-party access to your webcam.

Here are some free firewall names that you can rely on if you use Windows operating systems:

Comodo Firewall for Windows

PC Tools ™ Internet Security

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

2- Use a good antivirus program

Each operating system must be equipped with a suitable and good antivirus to avoid infecting the device with all kinds of hardware viruses and Internet security problems. It is recommended to use the Bitdefender antivirus.


3- Using the programs to detect spyware and programs

Installing a firewall and anti-virus software on your device is not sufficient to prevent a hack. You will also need a program to detect spyware and programs, and this program works to prevent anyone from spying on your web cam. You can choose your preferred free program through the CNET website.

4- Use WEP, WPA, WPA2 or other security keys

If you are using a wireless router (wireless router) or wireless webcam, you will need to activate and set up a security key to protect your device. The security keys prevent anyone trying to hack your device from accessing it. This easy step can provide you with a secure internet connection via Wi-Fi, and it will also secure your wireless network.

5- Make sure to update regular your device, whether it is a PC or a Mac

It is extremely important that you update the software for your device. Whereas, these updates will include the latest added security fixes for the programs. It is necessary for the safety of your device.

Activate the firewall
Use a good antivirus program
Using the programs to detect spyware and programs
Using the programs to detect spyware and programs
Make sure to update regular your device, whether it is a PC or a Mac