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webcam look

How to Look Good on a Webcam


Here is our contribution on how to prepare:

1. Relax on the bed just minutes before you are supposed to be online.

2. Brush your teeth and sprinkle a little water on your face.

3. Don’t bother trying to hide the new acne rupture from stress and sugar.

4. Consider placing cold tea bags on your eyes to reduce puffiness under the eyes, but then remember that you have no time and do not drink tea!


5. Wear pajamas for work. You know the exercises: comfortable bottoms, a top that isn’t technically sleepwear but comfortable enough as it could be.

6. Do not wash, shave, or move your hair with two hairs because you completely shaved them off last week in a high moment of DGAF energy. True freedom!

7. Choose the room with the least amount of light so you can hide all the filth.


8. Place the greasy and greasy laptop on your preferred surface (I recommend the stomach).

9. Marmor « If you can’t accept me in my worst case, you don’t deserve my best » as you settle for your first meeting on the web today!