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What are the most important things to consider when buying a webcam ?

What are the main features to choose ?

Find out which specifications should be checked when buying.

While it doesn’t seem difficult to have a webcam for your computer, PC or desktop, you will need to ask for details when you go to the store to buy a web cam.

If you have a laptop, or even a tablet, and you don’t need a very high camera resolution, this article may not look right for you, because laptops and tablets have built-in cameras, but you can look at them from the ground up. If you have a computer, desktop or personal computer, and are looking for a web cam to help you make video calls or take pictures, will introduce you to the most important thing you need to make a wise and smart purchase for webcam.

The most important thing to consider when thinking about having a new webcam is the picture quality, video resolution, how many frames you take per second, not to mention its design and whether it has a built-in microphone or not.

Thanks to the Internet and the communications revolution, the world has become a small village, they say, and that is true. A webcam is one of the pillars of that communication, as it enables you to send and receive live video through various chat programs

The acquisition of webcams is not limited to individuals, but extends to companies, which hold meetings in different parts of the world via chat programs. Autofocus feature, viewfinder, built-in microphone (most modern webcams have built-in microphone), camera recording capability, exterior design and shape.

Webcam quality for good webcam test


The quality of the image or video is one of the most important specifications that you should pay attention to when considering the acquisition of a webcam, as it is the guarantor of sending and receiving clear images; note that webcams are divided in terms of image quality or resolution into two main categories:

  • Standard Definition Camera; these cameras usually have a modest resolution, and most standard cameras are 480p for vertical scan lines, or 480x640p for total resolution.
    High-definition camera; the resolution of high-quality cameras is available in the market in two models, the first is 720p (or 720×1280 pixels for total resolution) and the second is 1080p (1080×1920 pixels for total resolution). It is called Full HD, for longitudinal scanning lines, noting that the resolution of cameras and videos increases as the number of resolution increases, i.e., cameras with high resolution numbers in terms of higher-resolution images and videos give greater quality and accuracy.
  • In fact, the most important thing to pay attention to is the number of the resolution, with the note that it is written on the case of the camera often, so be sure to examine it, and then acquire what meets your needs.

It should be noted here that the images or video will not appear on the screen in high definition if the screen to which you are sending the video (receiver) is not of this category, but this does not affect the quality of the video you watch on your screen, but if you want For video conversations, make sure you have a camera with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels for total resolution.

Number of frames taken per second, display under Frame Rate when do webcam test


The second most important specification you need to pay attention to is the number of photos taken by the camera in a second in quick succession to send as a video, a good camera has a rate of 30 frames per second, with the acquisition of cameras that have a lower rate will certainly send videos not Clear and many break-ups within successive images.

Here we note that the webcams are available in the market with many options regarding the number of frames taken by the camera per second, and the higher this rate the better the camera, so be sure to examine this feature within the cameras that you want to buy, and make sure that it does not have a rate of images taken in The second is less than 30 frames (frames) per second.

web camera lens for good webcam test


The quality of photos and videos taken via the camera depends on the quality of the lens, and the webcam is no exception, so the better the lens, the better the photos and videos sent.

Webcam lenses are divided into two categories: glass lenses and plastic lenses, with glass lenses giving higher quality than plastic lenses, with low-quality webcams being plastic lenses.

The function of the viewfinder is generally to capture light and its reflections from objects, and turn it into images, so it is good lenses that receive more light, in order to send pictures and videos brighter and color, and Carl Zeiss lenses may be one of the best lenses of webcams.

Make sure you buy a webcam with a glass lens, and from a well-known brand.

Built-in microphone of webcam


The webcam has a built-in microphone that lets you wear a headset with a mic, or talk through a separate mic.Especially when you are doing long video chats, having a built-in microphone gives you more freedom and saves you the trouble of nailing in front of the screen.

Most modern webcams have a built-in microphone, noting that the built-in microphone in the camera is not powerful enough to record audio in a professional manner, but is very suitable for video chats.

Structure and design of webcam


Regardless of the color and size of the webcam, webcams in design are divided into two main categories; base-based webcams, which are placed on any straight horizontal surface, and webcams with tweezers to hold them above the screen.

If you have a slim flat screen, the tweezers are designed for you, which are similar to laptop or laptop screens.

It should be noted that the base webcams need space (although small) to be placed within them, which is easier in terms of direction and height change than cameras with forceps.

Webcam Brand


There are many brands or companies that make webcams, and this is the last thing you should pay attention to when considering the acquisition of a new webcam , Microsoft, HP, Creative, Gear Head, Sony, Apple, and Toshiba.
On the other hand, famous international brands are those that make cameras with high specifications and accuracy, so buying a web cam of a certain brand does not necessarily make the camera high quality.

Conclusion; are there other advantages ?
Other important features to consider include autofocus, video recording, sensors or sensors, as well as the connection method.


Autofocus; this feature ensures clarity is maintained even though the elements of the captured images move within the video, as they are exactly automatic, and are important for people who constantly move during video conversations.
Recording; some webcams have the ability to record audio, video and video, within the vast majority of them, and this technology is suitable for those who record fast videos to download on the Internet.
The sensors determine the sharpness of the image (Sharpness), and therefore it is related to the quality of the image, and those who want to buy a webcam can acquire either option (CMOS) or (CCD). CCD sensors reduce noise when recording or transmitting video to a minimum, but slow in terms of data transmission, and CMOS sensors are fast and low-cost sensors, which is an option available in most webcams.
Most webcams can be connected to your computer via a USB 2.0 connection, but this does not prevent some webcams that connect to your computer wirelessly. Connecting webcams with a USB connection is easy.Don’t worry about this, but if you want free movement of the camera, and maybe place it away from the computer itself, the webcams that connect to your computer may not look wired better.

For those who want to install it in a corner of the house to monitor it via computer.
There are many options for webcams in the market, testcam and within this article try to reduce your options to become a minimum, turned to the image quality and the number of frames per second and the camera lens and design and the presence of a microphone, and then turned to other features, it is important to choose what meets your needs Within your budget, to make a wise and smart purchase

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Number of frames
Camera lens
Built-in microphone
Structure and design


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