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And about Which hair color is most attractive ?

A group of professors from the University of Bretagne-Sud (France) has carried out a series of investigations about which hair colors induce the most physical attraction of people. Let’s see the results.

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The research consisted of doing social experiments with the same person but with different hair colors. For example, the first study was based on experimenting with the same woman on different days in a nightclub, the girl once wore her blond hair, later brown, black and red hair. A similar study was carried out with men, that is, a gentleman on different days and with different hair colors, he approached girls in a disco inviting them to dance.

The result showed that the woman with blonde hair was approached more frequently by men. Instead, the blond man was not the one who received more acceptance to his requests. On the other extreme, red hair was associated, in both sexes, with less attractiveness.

Worldwide, 90% of people have dark hair, 9% of the population is blonde or light brown, and less than 1% is a redhead.

In the case of women, similar results have already been observed in previous investigations, for example, blonde girls who applied for donations to charities received more money than their dark-haired counterparts. Blonde haired waitresses receive more tips.


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