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Because of the coronavirus, there will be no new emojis in 2021

The Unicode consortium is postponing the announcement of its next batch of emojis until September 2021. It is unlikely that manufacturers will be able to integrate them into our operating systems before 2022.

Covid-19 shows no mercy at all. After putting half the planet into containment, the disease from the new coronavirus is now attacking the emojis. In a press release, the Unicode consortium (the association in charge of designating the new emoticons) announces that it will postpone its next deadline by six months. Unicode 14.0 will be presented in September 2021 rather than March 2021, which may force manufacturers to integrate them in 2022.

Unicode 13.0 still planned for 2020
The good news is that 117 new emojis are still not integrated into our operating systems and have already been announced. At the beginning of 2020, the consortium presented Unicode 13.0, with the main new features being a toothbrush, an otter or an olive. They should arrive between summer and autumn on our devices.

As for batch 2022-1 (there may be two waves in 2022), no new developments are known at this time. It is still possible to submit your ideas, provided you have a lot of time and a complete opinion survey, on the Unicode site.